Sunday, January 07, 2007

This is Dwight Lowery, a phenominal athlete and a good kid all around. I had the opportunity to work with him a bit (it was limited to about 5 or 6 weeks at just twice a week) in preperation for his first year at San Jose State University as a CornerBack in FootBall. Let's just say, he did some serious ass kicking! He flat out tore it up! He led the Nation for a while in interceptions, ...until they stopped throwing to the guy he was covering! Hense his nickname, "The Eclipse", ...because he flat out ecplipses whatever side of the field he is on, making that side of the field no longer an option for the opposing team to want to risk passing to. He also made First Team All American in the Coaches Poll! That basicaly translates to him being voted as being the best CornerBack in the Nation out of all NCAA D1 FootBall teams accross the country, by the American Football Coaches Association, the same list that has Heisman Trophy winner, Troy Smith, Quarterback for Ohio State. Nuff said. :) (He is the first Spartan to make the 1'st Team Honors in 35 years.) I became a fan of his while watching him play basketball when he was a freshman. As a conditioning coach, I saw his athleticism. He was a great athlete then and has been ever since. Anyway, I am currently training him for the upcomming season, whether he chooses to remain in school another year or enter the NFL Draft. The NFL Combine is comming up February 21'st through February 27'th, and we are certainly focused on prepping for that.--Then, if he chooses, the NFL Draft, April 28'th and 29'th. I have been extremely focused on doing everything I can to get him into the best shape possible. I feel a tremendous amount of responsibility to make sure he is the fittest man on the field, whether he chooses to enter the draft or remain in school for another year. (I fully support his decision either way.) The way I see it, he is putting his future in my hands.--(He turned down an opportunity to train at a facility in LA that "specializes" in NFL Combine Prep, choosing instead to remain here working with me at CrossFit.)--He is trusting me with the development of his athleticism and that is a responsibility that I take VERY seriously! I realy want to help him succeed. He is excited to be back here training with me at CrossFit and I gotta say, it's great having him back. I now have the opportunity to work with him at a 3-days-on/1-day-off format, all the way until the next season starts.--I am so friggin excited for him when I think of what that kind of exposure to the CrossFit protocal will yield compared to the limited exposure he had before this past season. (I have to also add: He folows the ZONE Diet closely!!!--All those who are skeptical about it, after doing a meal plan for Dwight and trying it out, he bacame a believer!--Just had to throw that out there.) I'm happy to have an athlete such as him who is fiercley competitive in his sport and at the top of his game, realy see the efficacy of what we do at CrossFit and feel that what I had him do realy helped him on the football field. That was cool. But the truth is, I don't take any of the credit for his success on the field. He has GOD given talent. He would make it into the NFL whether or not he ever came to CrossFit. Period. He is a phenominal athlete and has developed a profound work ethic and inner drive. Everything he has accomplished is due to him and him alone. It's rare to see an amazing athlete who not only has the GOD given talent, but who also posseses the work ethic needed to truly become one of the greats. He has both. Look out NFL!--Dwight Lowery is comming! He isn't just a great athlete, ...he is an outstanding young man. He is very respectful to others, is intelligent, is a strong Christian, takes the time to sign autographs for little kids, etc. He will be a blessing to the NFL.--Not just for his athleticism and what he can do on the field, but for his character and how he carry's himself off the field.

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