Monday, January 22, 2007

...There have been studies done where half of the floor in a monkeys cage is painted green and half is painted blue. Initially, when the monkey is on the blue side they will receive a severe electrical shock. This will continue for a while until the monkey pretty much says to hell with the blue side, I’m gonna stay on the green side. When this happens they switch the shocks to the green side. The monkey again adapts and eventually says to hell with the green side I’m going over to the blue side. ...Then, after a while, they mix the shocks to where the monkey receives severe electrical shocks on both the green and blue sides, randomly. ...At this point, the monkey eventually just succumbs to it’s fate, finds a spot on the floor, lays down and dies.

...When so many elements in our lives are severely “shocking” us, and we’re getting hit from all angles to the point where there is no "safe zone", order, peace, we eventually just want to lay down and die. Our little monkey brains can't handle it anymore and we just, ...“accept” it, give in, find a spot and lay down and die.


melissa said...

Where are you going with this one?

CrossFit OG said...

Sorry Melissa. ...Just having some dark days is all. ...But, "I'll live". :) ...I always do. Most of the time I am strong, ...but sometimes, not so. For the most part I do pretty well but sometimes, I just, ...don't.

...I can slip into an artistic tangent for a moment and "paint" a "visual" with words;

A Descent:

wounds run deep
the soul does weep
but within I must keep
so into my mind it oft seep
no peace when wake or sleep
so forth bad thoughts do oft creep
longer the descent the return more steep.

Sorry, ...How bout we rewind the tape on that one, erase it and <*Bleeeeeeeep!*> *lol* ...Simply edit all that out. :) ...Sorry, couldn't help it, just playin.

Seriously though, ...I just have some dark days sometimes. ...Some days are hard.

...I'm fine. I'll be fine. ...I'm always "fine" :).



melissa said...

"FINE".......I hate that word! I'll talk to you tonight!

CrossFit OG said...

Looking forward to it. :) You'll be in good company in my Wednesday night class. All amazing people! It's a GREAT class! I love em! Oh, and John Sheppard and Greg Amundson are usually in it as well, so you'll get to see Amundson on the receiving end of the workouts right along side you. :)

See you tonight! :)