Sunday, January 14, 2007

Here's Dwight Lowery, busting out Snatch-Balances. We also worked heavily on Cleans that day.

Dwight has chosen to remain at SJSU for his Senior season and enter the draft after finishing his degree. I fully support him on this decision! ...Look out everyone!--I'm going to have the opportunity to work with Dwight FOR WELL OVER A YEAR before he enters the NFL Draft! He is going to be the Fittest CB in the NFL, Period! Not to mention the fittest CB in all of NCAA D-1 FootBall, Nationwide, this comming season!!! That's right, you can "write that one down"! :)

Seriously though, ...Dwight has an incredible level of self confidence, yet is humble, gracious, genuine and kind. He is SO focused and SO committed. It's rare to see an athlete of his caliber and age who has not only been blessed with the God given talent & intelligence, but who has also developed an unparralelled work ethic, forged an iron-will, unleashed an insatiable drive, and summoned from within the unrelenting focus and state of mind necessary to harness it all and bring it all together. ...Now, give someone like that access to the worlds best conditioning protocal, coupled with the best that performance nutrition has to offer, and delivered through a coach who truly cares about his personal growth, development and success, not only as an athlete, but as an individual. ...& that's just a beautiful thing. That's all God working to bring all of that together. No other way. ...Just my opinion. :)

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