Friday, January 12, 2007

Matt, Jama, Melissa, Sam, Greg, "Sgt, G", and John. Greg Amundson's Thursday evening @ 7:00 pm class. What a great crew! All good people. I've had the opportunity to work with John, Jama, Melissa and Greg.--All great athletes and all great individuals. They all have great personalities and attitudes and it's been a pleasure working with all of them. It's great to see Greg teaching group classes! I am so happy that he started coaching! He's a great coach and friend. He's been a part of CrossFit for a long time and he has so much to offer as a coach that it's just awesome to see. He is going to help a lot of people. His Thursday night classes are always a great crew and always a great class. I'll be joining in on his Thursday night class soon and he'll be able to torture me along with his crew. (Uh oh, ...wait a minute!--I put him through the ringer in my Wednesday night class and then I'm gonna throw myself at his mercey and into the fire in his class the very next night? "Eeeek!" ...I can forsee a "revenge" workout.--*lol*) I'm realy looking forward to working out with such a great crew! :)

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