Friday, March 16, 2007

This is Luke Stewart, Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black-Belt, MMA Fighter and amazing Tattoo Artist! I first met Luke about 4 or 5 years ago, back when he was still a purple belt. He was a bad-ass tattoo artist then and he has only gotten better, just like his Jiu-Jitsu game. I have been wanting to work with him for a long time and I finally have the opportunity to do so! (To check out some of his work go to:

Most of those who know me, have known that I have been wanting for many years to get several tattoos and that I have always said, “when I get them done, I want Luke Stewart from San Francisco to be the one to do them”. Well, I now not only have the opportunity to train Luke for his upcoming fights, but I am also finally stepping up to the plate and will start getting some Ink done by Luke himself. I am so stoked!!! Not only do I get to train a great Jiu-Jitsu Black-Belt, but I also have the opportunity to get tatted by, what I consider to be, one of the best in CA. Luke called me up a short while ago and said that he recalled the work I did with some of the other Jiu-Jitsu fighters from Ralph Gracie’s, as well as a few other well known fighters, and that he had a MMA fight coming up and was wondering if I was willing to do some trade. I said, "definitely!" ...I'm excited to be working with Luke and am grateful for the opportunity.

...While I am definitely looking forward to finally getting started with my tats and having the opportunity to actually get them done by Luke himself, I haven’t really been thinking much at all about the tattoos I’ll be getting in return since I started working with him. My focus has been *solely* on doing everything I can to fully prep him for his fight as far as developing for him the best six-week pre-fight Strength-&-Conditioning program and Nutritional Protocol for him to follow that I could, and making sure he is the fittest fighter in the event.--Period. I spent a great deal of time mapping out the first six weeks pre-fight strength-&conditioning program based on what I knew of his current abilities and the amount of time I actually had to work with him before this fight and I’m really happy with the end product.--It’s solid. My focus has been specifically on trying to provide THE BEST service possible. That is of utmost importance to me. I have to deliver the best product possible.--Better than anyone else would do. Just as with Both, Dwight Lowery and Steven Wright, I feel a great deal of responsibility in making sure Luke is in the best shape possible for his fights. There are a lot of other trainers out there he could have chose to work with and he chose me. (A good choice in my opinion. ;) ) I feel there’s no one out there who will do a better job or who will care more about Luke’s success in the ring (and outside the ring) than I. ...But maybe I’m just being an egotistical asshole. :)

Currently Luke is following the program outline closely and we maintain phone contact at least every other day in regards to the program and nutrition. (I mapped his program on a large desk calendar for him to hang on the wall and I have a smaller copy just like it at home to make cross-referencing on the phone more efficient.--This worked out very well for both of us.) Luke is very driven and has been doing very well with what we have gone over thus far. He is very coachable and learns the movements quickly. I can tell he really understands the concepts I am trying to impart upon him. He has also mentioned that he can already tell a difference and feel his overall strength and athleticism improving. (Just wait until we hit the 3-month mark!--3 solid months of the CrossFit protocol when coupled with the best that performance nutrition has to offer can yield incredible results!) I have to say, when I am working with him at CrossFit he definitely digs deep and fights hard through the workouts. I can tell he is really trying hard to tap that inner strength and summon from within that “fight” to go hard and leave nothing behind. The more he is exposed to the CrossFit protocol, the easier it will be for him to summon up that power from within and forge it into yet another weapon in his arsenal.

Anyway, ...after his fight I may or may not include the full six week program I developed for Luke, though I’d have to run it by him first. (...We might not want to put it out there where his opponents can get access to what he’s doing for strength-&-conditioning to help beat their ass.)

...One of my best friends, an amazing athlete who is in excellent shape, will be entering the MMA circuit very soon. He has listened and applied a lot of what I have suggested to him over the years as far as strength-&-conditioning and he is very self-driven as far as his training. ...Though he hasn’t really stepped up to to the plate to have me fully train him to prep for his new venture into fighting MMA, even though he knows I’m one of the best around. I’m not really sure why that is. It’s like having Dwayne Wade and Steve Nash as your uncle and deciding that you want to play basketball in college and then, other than asking them for some tips here and there, never humbling yourself enough to really ask them if they could take you under their wing and help make you the best basketball player you could possibly be. ...But that’s just my opinion. (I have come to learn over the years though that it is the people closest to us that we will oft have the toughest time trying to help. Coach Glassman taught me that lessen many years ago in reference to family, stating “your family will be the hardest ones you’ll ever try to help because they will never listen.”--That has proven to be *absolutely* true, ...much to my dissmay.--I wish my family would listen.) ...I’m not sure why it is that my good friend hasn’t yet stepped up to have me fully train him and help him with everything I have to offer. ...Regardless, ...I hope for his sake he doesn’t have to face Luke Stewart in the ring! :)

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