Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Isn’t this a dope tattoo! ...I go in for my first session up in San Francisco, April 6’th! I’m so stoked!!! I can’t wait. Luke Stewart is an amazing tattoo artist and as I’ve stated before, I’ve been wanting him to do my tats for a long time now. I’m stoked that it’s worked out to where I am not only finally getting my tats done by Luke, but to where I’m the strength and conditioning specialist & nutritional consultant he’s chosen to trust with getting him in the best shape possible for his fights. He’s a bad ass Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt from the Ralph Gracie Academy in San Francisco and is definitely very driven to excel. This has been made clear to me during the time I have worked with him thus far, not simply while at CrossFit headquarters here in Santa Cruz, but by his dedication to the program as a whole, whether he be here a CrossFit Santa Cruz or on his own up in SF. I love working with serious, very committed & driven athletes, regardless of sport.

I’m starting with my back for the first session, then will go from there. ...Likely to my somach/chest, then calves, then arms, then ribbs, then.... First thing's first! :) ...I’m sure I’ll post a pic! :)

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